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Two Tales That Show the Importance of Being Honest on Your Blog

Posted on 24 April 2015


You already know the importance of being accurate and honest on your blog. You learned to tell the truth in kindergarten, and one name misspelling in a post can make you an obsessive proofreader (and you’ll still miss mistakes).

But it can be easy to fudge things that seem like not a big deal, only to have them spiral into very big deals. This week, Australian blogger Belle Gibson of Whole Pantry admitted that her years-long series of posts chronicling her struggle with terminal cancer were completely untrue.

Her fake story paid off, for a while. She sold an app which was supposed to featured on the Apple Watch and secured a book deal with Penguin.

But like most lies of this magnitude, Gibson’s was exposed (even to her partner who apparently wasn’t in on her deception) in a media firestorm. The app has been removed from the Apple Store and the book will not be published.

Last week, Cassey Ho, a Pilates instructor and the blogger behind Blogilates, taught us a lesson with her outright honesty. She posted a video in which she performed a life-size Photoshop job on her own (already extremely fit) body. She doesn’t say a word, but her happiness at manipulating an impressive thigh gap, a mini waist and bigger breasts, follow my the sadness and shame on her face as she prepared to blast the image to her social networks spoke volumes.

I have written in the past that we can’t share 100% of our lives as bloggers, and a little bit of artifice is a given when it comes to fashion blogging. And I fess up: I have smoothed wrinkles on my face and slimmed a thigh here and there. So this is a great reminder that lines can be crossed, and it might be difficult to live in the world on the other side of that line.

[Photo via the Australian Women’s Weekly]

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