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I Blog, Therefore I Shop: True or False?

Posted on 18 March 2015

online shopping

Being online makes shopping very, very easy. In fact, it’s all too easy to keep up with the frenzied pace at which fashion moves. As fashion bloggers, it’s natural for us to talk about shopping and items we’ve purchased, and it makes sense to link to them so that others can also fulfill their consumption desires (and so we might make a little of that money back).

Lucky Magazine, a publication dedicated to shopping, has even converted its site from an editorial one to an e-commerce platform (now known as Lucky Shops), proving that there is strong interest in, and a lot of revenue to be had, when it comes to linking to products available for sale online.

From the fashion blogging perspective, especially from a personal style one, there can be a motive to constantly wear and showcase new clothing and accessories. But is it a sustainable model? It starts to feel like the discount-happy clothing store employee who hands her paycheck right back to the retailer.

Linking to products can make revenue for bloggers, but what’s the harm in creatively re-wearing items and featuring repeats on the blog?

What do our readers think of us, and what kind of story are we telling them if constant consumption appears to be a top priority?

In my recent piece “Rock New Looks On Your Blog without the Need to Constantly Spend & Acquire!,” I emphasize slowing down consumption and focusing on creativity and content. The approach we take to something as straightforward as shopping can be meaningful, and even become a part of the blog’s branding and positioning.

What do you think? Do you feel there’s an assumption that fashion bloggers shop excessively? Do you want to buck the trend?

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