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Is Making Videos Irrelevant for Fashion Bloggers?

Posted on 10 March 2015


The “haul” or “personal diary” video certainly had its moment, and it feels as though now,  we’ve collectively moved on from that style of video sharing on blogs, and moved onto…what? How-to videos? DIY? That doesn’t really feel fresh or new, nor do styling outfits, and posing or walking toward the camera, trying to be as organic and natural as possible.

Could using YouTube for fashion blogs be irrelevant now?

Sure, there are a few fashion bloggers with hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers in the space who work the genre well (Clothes Encounters, Dulce Candy, Fashion with Evelina) and  there’s a caché to seeing your favorite bloggers speaking to you from the comfort of their bedroom or home, but…is it worth all of the effort? Is it feeling a bit stale?

Getting ready, setting up, filming, and editing can be incredibly time consuming, and if you aren’t resourceful and good at it…it can turn out to look god-awful.  Beauty bloggers, (or beauty vloggers) doing tutorials and DIY videos still have  great appeal and make sense to the category, as they show how to create and apply looks, oftentimes exactly how you would learn if you took a class on it at Sephora or a makeup artist showed you how to do something in-person.

Fashion, on the other hand gets tricky, and with the advent of Instagram and its video function, plus the “time lapse” smartphone video features that seemed to have been popular this past fashion week filming runway shows, it seems that anything filmed and longer than a minute may have had its heyday. Not to say that someone can’t come up with a new, innovative way to combine fashion blogging and videos, but until there is a tremendous amount of originality that becomes widespread in the category…I just may well be excluding making videos from my list of blog to-dos and to-watch.

What do you think: as a fashion blogger do you make videos? Or do you feel they aren’t important to fashion blogging?

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