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Fashion Blogging: The Definitive List of Best Practices

Posted on 06 March 2015

fashion blogger
So you want to be a fashion blogger…or you already are. Here are some important best practices pulled from the wealth of IFB archives, from the simple (be nice!!) to the more technical (how to do competitive analysis right):

Be Open, Honest & Nice

ALWAYS, always, always disclose the relationships between what you’re wearing/posting about and sponsors, share as much of yourself as you’re willing to, and deal with negativity on your blog effectively:

Take the best pictures you can

There are tons of IFB articles about photography that are specifically aimed at fashion bloggers—and for good reason. The truth is, the images associated with your posts are just as (or more) important than your words, so choose them carefully. And before you get discouraged, you don’t have to have a DSLR or Photoshop to take good photos, just a lot of determination!

Keep your blog design minimal

Minimal designs are easier to get around, and keep the focus on your content instead of extraneous stuff. And the old saying is true…the simpler, the better!

Identify & work within your niche and passion

One of the first, and most important things you should do when starting your fashion blog is define your niche:

Differentiate yourself

Besides defining your niche, remember that no one does you like you do, so why would you try to do anyone else?? Don’t compare yourself to other bloggers, unless you’re doing competitive analysis, and keep your head down and work, focusing on what success means to you.

Be Smart on Social Media

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