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Should you take YOU out of your Blog?

Posted on 02 March 2015


Quite a few successful fashion blogs have transitioned over the years from one writer, one voice to multiple writers (Man Repeller for one), but should you do that on your blog? There are pros and cons to everything, of course, and you have to decide what works for you, and why, but it’s worth thinking about.



You might be able to keep your blog up longer if you’re not the only one responsible for EVERYTHING on your blog: writing, editing, photography, advertising sales…having help takes the pressure off. Hiring other writers, or having guest posters weekly may allow you to focus on what you do better, whether that’s photography, site design, or sales.


Adding other writers, or sharing outfit photographs from other bloggers adds a dimension of diversity on your blog nothing else will. Sometimes readers want this, sometimes they don’t – you’ll have to gauge their interest over time and see, but as long as you work with/hire people who have a similar vision for your blog, then the transition from you to you + others should be relatively painless, and open up your blog to new possibilities.

Sales potential

If you’re building a blogging empire, you may want to sell someday and having other writers on board will make it more valuable to a buyer because they’ll be able to come in and seamlessly take over without having to change much. If your blog is just you, with your distinct voice, what’s to buy/sell? Where’s the value for an outsider?


If you’ve built up a loyal following and readers over the years, chances are they read your blog because of YOU. Your voice, your style, your words are why they visit day after day, so adding new ones may be a tough pill for many to swallow.


Same with your voice, if you’ve already built up relationships with brands/advertisers over the years based on your articles and photographs, transitioning to a blog format that’s no longer ONLY you will change the dynamic.


Obviously, there’s more to managing a blog with multiple authors than just yourself, but WordPress makes it relatively painless, as do other blogging platforms.

If you haven’t started your blog yet, or are still in the beginning stages, it might be worthwhile to think about whether or not you’d like to include other writers and start sooner rather than later. That goes for the name of your blog, as well as the editorial content; if you’re like me, and you put your name in your blogs’ titles, you’re probably doomed from the beginning – so that’s something to consider also.


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