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4 Things to Write About Right Now

Posted on 06 February 2015


Stumped? Don’t know what to write about today? I hear you…I have days where I am at a loss for content. Sometimes, if I’ve planned ahead (which hardly ever happens), I have a post in drafts that I can draw on, and sometimes I take a day off, or just do an outfit post, but other times, I draw on one of these ideas when I’m blocked:

Write what you know

Do a tutorial, write a how-to, create a step-by-step guide – any of those things are great ways to share your knowledge with your audience, and reach new readers. Focus on simple, easy, tips that anyone can follow, include lots of pictures (maybe a video? or an infographic?) and speak with authority.

Write what you don’t know

I do a lot of this, actually – I write about my journey, and struggles along the way. This is generally very stream-of-consciousness, and personal, but it resonates with my audience. Take a life experience, or something you’re struggling with (as long as you don’t mind sharing with the Internets) and write about it. Ask for advice. Maybe several of your readers are going through the same thing? Or have gone through. Turn the tables around and ask for help from your readers for a change…

Write about “current events”

There are a lot of things going on now in fashion & retail, if you’re not inspired to write about your own life, or want to try something different, pick a topic in the news and cover it on your blog. (Or write a book review of a relevant fashion book.) You could just “report” the news, bringing together bits and pieces of other articles into one cohesive one (giving credit, of course), or you could add your own spin and…

Write an opinion piece

These are fun to do, but you have to be ready for some disagreement and possible negative comments on your blog. If it’s your first time, start with something rather agreeable, and move on to more contentious topics after you’ve had some experience writing your opinion. Opinion pieces are great because they open a window into who you are without giving away too much personal information; they allow your readers to get to know you a bit better and identify something they can relate to. Or not.

What do you do when you’re not necessarily inspired to write? Do you keep draft posts? Not write at all?

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