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5 Things to Learn from Fashionista’s Top 20 Style Bloggers

Posted on 02 February 2015


Every time a list of the “Most successful” or “Most popular” bloggers comes out. Bloggers like to complain about “how it’s that same-old.” Or, “Those bloggers are all the same.” Or, whatever… hating is basically low-hanging fruit.

This year, Fashionista compiled a very interesting list of influential bloggers. It clearly specified how the bloggers were ranked, “…we excluded every blogger who has expanded her empire to the point that the blog is no longer only about her.” Yes, most all of them are mega-famous in their own right. If the bloggers didn’t have influence, how would they get on the list?

Aside from that, were the biggest takeaways I noticed:

Success Takes Time

We all know that Bryan Boy and Susie Bubble have been blogging forever, but Gabi Gregg started her blog in 2008, Nicole Warne 2009. There are indeed new mega bloggers, but none of them started within the last year or two. If you feel like it’s taking a long time to get noticed, that’s because it is going to take a long time to get noticed! Don’t worry, it’s that way for everyone.

You Really Can Break The Mold

I can’t remember a time in fashion history where we had plus sized fashion icons in the mainstream. This is all because of the work that plus-size bloggers have done. Just by being, as Gabi put it by quoting Steve Martin, “Be so good, they can’t ignore you.” It doesn’t matter what your shape, race, gender, geographic location (Bryan started out of the PHILIPINES!)  or anything is… if you’re that GOOD, you’ll find your audience.

Think Big (Even if You’re Small)

You don’t three million Instagram followers like Chiara to be successful, but you can think in terms of millions these days. Literally! Back in the day, we just were happy that a brand talked to us. Now the best brands are working with bloggers, and they understand the value of exposure on a blog as opposed to a magazine.

Audiences that Convert Count the Most

There are lots of kinds of influence, but the kind that impresses the media (and brands alike) the most is when you have an audience that converts into customers. It’s how bloggers make money through affiliate links and it’s also how brands get interested creating partnerships.

LA is the New New York

For a while, it seemed like everyone was moving to New York. Heck, I even moved to NYC. But looking at this list, it seems like many of the bloggers have moved to the Left Coast. It makes sense, year-round weather, access to the fashion and entertainment industry. Also… California knows how to party!


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