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The Thigh Gap Is Dead, Wrinkles Are In, Hooray for 2015!

Posted on 26 January 2015


“The Thigh Gap Is Dead.” Has there ever been a more glorious headline? Well, not since last week when media outlets everywhere announced that Joan Didion was the face of Celine. And then when Joni Mitchell was announced as the face of Saint Laurent. Come to think of it, 2015 is pretty rad so far fashion headlines-wise.

The New York Observer announced in an article today that, for the New York fashion set, the obsession with that mythical space between the thighs (even while standing with the feet together, AKA my unicorn), is over. Even before the thigh gap was a thing, I coveted that lack of skin contact, so at the beach it wouldn’t cause extra giggling as I walked. That’s just one of the things I wasted my youth concerning myself with. Later, I wished for a gap when I was training for marathons, to avoid the dreaded “chub rub.” But Bodyglide worked well enough.

Now, reports the Observer, models, bloggers and Instagram mavens have moved on to showing off their toned, not skinny bodies. Even better if they are (or appear to be) photographed mid-workout. The publication cites Hilaria Baldwin, a yoga instructor and former ballroom dancer (not to mention Alex’s wife) who has 75.8k followers on Instagram (photos like this probably have something to do with that), who says fit and curvy is the new skinny.

But is it just another unattainable goal that will be just as frustrating for women as the thigh gap? Baldwin says no.

Ms. Baldwin insists that society’s current emphasis on fit bodies isn’t as oppressive as the body trends of the past. ‘There isn’t that one figure everybody is trying to go for now,’ she said. ‘You can be a more full-figured woman and people are going to think you’re fantastic. You can be a little skinny-mini woman and people will think you’re fantastic.’

Also, several sources in the article say that 2015 is the year of the booty.

If the thigh gap is out of favor, a prominent booty is in, and curves and wrinkles are truly celebrated in the fashion world, 2015 really will be the best year ever. I have to admit, though, that it seems big bodies and lined faces will be accepted only within certain parameters. As Alyson points out on her blog That’s Not My Age, Charlotte Rampling, 68, looks decades younger in her Nars ads than she does on television. Lauren Hutton is often held up as a beautiful older woman, but it’s clear she’s had plenty of work done. But it’s also true that Joan Didion looks every bit her 80 years in the Celine ad and thank heavens for that.


[Image via Hilaria Baldwin’s Instagram]

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