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To Guest Post? or Not to Guest Post?

Posted on 23 January 2015


As a blogger, you may have received a few requests to write guest posts for other blogs, or maybe you’ve thought about writing more and want to offer to write guest posts for some of your favorite blogs. How does guest posting work? Should you do it?

Some things to consider:

Original content

You want to produce original content as a guest blogger, don’t just duplicate something you’ve already written on your blog. You can, of course, edit your content, re-purpose it or add something more relevant to the blog you are guest posting on, but a “guest post” is generally original. Otherwise, you’re just syndicating YOUR blog’s content, which isn’t technically a “guest post.”

If a blogger does want to syndicate your content,  ask for it to be an excerpt. Be sure to include a link back to the content on your site, instead of have the entire article available on another site. If she is going to display the entire article, make sure your links are completely intact (especially if they’re affiliate links), and there is a note at the top explaining that the article was originally published on your own blog, with links to it, and a bio.


If a blogger asks you to write for her, whether it’s one time or a commitment to a certain number of times a month, she should compensate you somehow. It’s up to you to decide what kind of compensation is worth your time. If your compensation is “exposure” be sure the blogger gets more traffic than you do, is well-respected, and you are happy to be associated with her site.

Affiliate links

If you’re not getting paid for your guest posts, being able to use your own affiliate links in the content is a fair form of compensation, especially if you know the blogger has an active, engaged audience. DO NOT try to sneak in your affiliate links if you are getting paid though, unless you’ve worked that out with the blogger ahead of time. If she is paying you, she essentially owns your content and should be able to link it to her affiliate links.

Links to your blog

Whether you’re getting paid or not, each guest posts your write should include a link back to your site somewhere, either in an author bio or when your name is clicked.

Guest posting, in general, is a great way to gain exposure to a wider audience, and/or make some additional money if that’s an option. Just be aware of what you’re getting into, and never, ever do it for “free.” If you’re not getting paid for your guest posts, at least make sure you’re compensated fairly – whatever that looks like to you. Be especially wary of promises of “exposure” and research what that means exactly. Your time and your voice have value!

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