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Blogger Tips for Surviving Winter Photo Shoots!

Posted on 13 January 2015


Living in a geographic location in which all four seasons occur has majestic, as well as challenging elements when it comes to taking photos outside. I’m talking about you winter, with your freezing temps and precipitation that makes posing and smiling while showing off a look feel slightly short of an Olympic feat.  Last year, I wrote the post, “5 Ways to Channel Outfit Post Creativity in the Winter,” which listed options for seeking respite from the frosty weather, however, what if you just have to take those pics outside?

I consulted a few personal style blogger colleagues for their tips on taking photos outside in the winter, from what environment is best to not get dirty snow or sludge in the background to concealed items that keep you extra warm; here’s what they had to say:

Misti Schindele, Entertainista

“Taking outfit photos in the winter can provide a beautiful backdrop, however there are some days when either the air is just too cold or the city looks like slush-ville.  If you’re dealing with a super cold day, invest in some hand warmers; the last thing you want is to look freezing cold in your photos. Hand warmers are pretty inexpensive and will make a world of difference in the outcome of your pictures.  Having a good backdrop is key, this is why scouting during the winter is essential. If you know the streets by your office or house are snow plow central, try to avoid shooting there. Parks are always a great alternative as are courtyards. It’s all about being creative and thinking outside of the box. “

Alex Duffy, Duffy Dossier

“Being a blogger ain’t easy! Especially in the winter time… we see models standing in bikinis in the snow, all the time, and think to ourselves, “I am so glad that’s not what I do for a living;” at least that’s what I thought to myself before I became a blogger!  Here are my tips and tricks for keeping warm and snapping those fashion shots, and quickly:
1. LAYERS… layers look good anyways, so use that to your advantage! Make ‘layers’ a topic on your blog;  share with your followers how to do it, and how to keep it warm. Start with leggings, tank tops, then long-sleeved turtle necks, topped off with a big sweater over it.
2. Wear tights! Styling tights underneath a cute pair of shorts, skirt, or dress really helps to keep those shivers in check.
3. Practice… your pose before running outside to capture! If you have the pose you want/need down, a quick few shots in the snow should work just fine.”

Megan Zietz, TFDiaries

“When it comes to taking outfit pictures during the winter time I tend to either stay close to home, for quick warm ups (& outfit changes) or I grab a load of layers to keep me warm while shooting (also, those hand warmers are magic if things are really cold). I usually opt to shoot on days where it’s most warm, I’ll look at the weather a couple of days ahead of time and plan on taking pictures on the day that is the warmest with a good amount of sun.”
Do you have any tips to add to make the most of taking photos outside during the colder months?
Image credit: TFDiaries

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