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7 Ways to Come Up With a Fashion Blog Name When Everything Is Taken

Posted on 19 June 2015

Photo via Stop It Right Now

Photo via Stop It Right Now

Since I started my role here at IFB a few months ago, one thing has amazed me more than anything else: We get hundreds of new member requests every week from individuals who have launched brand new fashion blogs. First, it’s exciting that the fashion blogging world is constantly getting new contributors.

But my next thought is: How on earth can fashion bloggers keep thinking of new blog names? Not to mention finding names that aren’t already taken on the internet or social media?

Luckily, here at IFB we’ve given that a lot of thought. I’ve mined our archives for some of the best tips our writers have come up with over the years, and added a few new ideas as well. Happy naming!

1. Start with a blank sheet of paper (preferably a large one)

Start brainstorming. There’s something freer and more creative about writing longhand on a sheet of paper that can generate ideas more effectively than typing into a word processor. You don’t have to be an artist to take inspiration from drawing pictures and doodling.

2. Combine your favorite fashion item with something else you love

If you’re going to write about food, that other thing could be something yummy (see Cupcakes and Cashmere). Or, it could be something interior related if you plan to incorporate home decor into your blog (Lipstick and Lounge Chairs? Naming is hard! And wow a lipstick lounge chair exists). It could even be an animal—your pet, perhaps (Pugs and Pearls!)?

3.  Shout out to where you live

This is good for SEO juice when brands come to town to throw events. If they search for “Cleveland blogger” and the title of your blog is “Celine in Cleveland,” you’ll probably get invited. It’s also just an opportunity to get clever with alliteration or rhyming.

4. Forget the rules

You’ll find tons of tips out there on the internet about the importance of keywords and SEO and making sure the name of your blog is clear and easy to say. But for every tip like that, there’s a Man Repeller or Stop It Right Now or Go Fug Yourself—all good reasons to follow your creativity and instinct for what’s funny and unique.

5. Make a statement

Taking a cue from the latter two blogs mentioned above, telling people to do something can be an energizing and fun title for your blog. Blame It on Fashion is another great example. You Have to Get That, perhaps?

6. Use an online name generator

When all else fails, get some help from technology. The Cut’s fashion blog name generator is pretty amazing. Browsing this one is fun (though you can’t enter specific words); Lean Domain Search is pretty good for finding available domains; Panabee is great for coming  up with combinations of words; and Domainr can help you come up with titles that utilize extensions creatively.

7. Take inspiration from successful bloggers’ methods

Some of them put little thought into naming their blog (see Rumi Neely), others spent a month coming up with something they liked. This roundup from Who What Wear is an inspiring reminder that inspiration can strike when we least expect it—or it can be like pulling teeth! Bottom line: any method can work if the name reflects your personal vibe and feels authentic. And the real bottom line: it’s your content and execution that will really determine your success.

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