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  • Carolina - Khaki
  • Carolina - Khaki
  • Carolina - Khaki
  • Carolina - Khaki

Lady Bird

Carolina - Khaki




Nubuck leather
Magnetic closure
Natural leather handles
Unlined bag
Detachable fabric pouch

    Length: 40 cm  | Width: 45 cm | Top Handle: 30 cm

    Nubuck Leather Care: 
    1. PROTECTION: Nubuck leather will benefit from a spray protection being applied to its surface.  But be sure that you use a spray made for suede/nubuck leather so the finish is not compromised.
    2. DO NOT use liquid leather cleaners or conditioners on nubuck leather.  It is not strongly protected and liquids will darken and mash the leather fibers.  
    3. Remove stains using a stiff toothbrush and brush back and forth over the surface of the nubuck in a brisk back and forth motion.
    4. Use a soft dry, cloth to wipe off the dust.
    5. Sometimes a dark stain will not brush out of nubuck leather.  Often it is because the stain has an oil base to it.  In this case you need to try to draw the oil out of the leather immediately after it is stained.  First try placing a pinch of cornstarch on the stain.  Let it sit overnight.  The next morning if the cornstarch has yellowed than it has pulled out some of the oil.  Brush it off and repeat the process until the stain can be brushed out

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